Saturday, October 31, 2009


I think everyone in Brazil is crazy. I hope any Brazilian person reading this isn't upset by this statement but I believe it to be true. There are different kinds of crazy of course. There is good crazy and bad crazy. There is a little crazy and a lot crazy. There are young people who are crazy and old people that are crazy. There are people crazy from being poor and people crazy from the heat. There are crazy people that one sex and crazy people that want money. Whatever the reason everyone here is crazy. I am sure if I stay here for two many years I will probably become crazy too. Hopefully in a good way and not in a bad way. I tell Toni he is crazy all the time. His response is that he is crazy for me. Whatever the reason he is still crazy. Maybe I am already crazy. I did sell my apartment ( well, almost ) quit a good job and moved to the another side of the globe.

We have still been drinking a lot. The other night we made it till 1030 am without drinking but then we ended up having 4 beers while playing Playstation 3. Friday we had nothing to do so I demanded we go to the beach. We went to the bank first because I still need my CDF card. A CDF card is kind of like a identity card that you need to buy anything really expensive or even get phone service. They are suppose to be pretty easy to obtain. You just ask for one in the Banco do Brazil. Unfortunately they wanted a bill or statement with Toni's address on it. We did not have it so we continued to Copacabana beach. I helped Toni with his English homework as we drank beer. The water wasn't too cold but the waves were huge. Most of the other swimmers had boogy boards so I guess it is good for that. After the beach we had a late lunch. It was another pay por kilo restaurant but it was really good. I had spaghetti with cheese sauce, baked chicken and breaded pork. We then went to see Toni's friend Luiza, the dentist. Toni has a small space between his two front teeth ( kind of like Madonna ). It had been filled in but it somehow fell out. We spent an hour there. We then went to the market and got more groceries. We also went to the liquor store because we were getting low on whiskey.

When we got home I started cleaning and Toni started cooking. We also drank Whiskey. It was Halloween but my box with the Halloween costumes had never arrived so we decided to stay in. Toni also had a client coming in at 9am on Saturday. After dinner we did watch Halloween on TV. It felt a little strange seeing a movie that I have seen a hundred times and is quite normal to watch in my new life that sometimes feels so strange. Toni says he wasn't scared but he was clutching my hand the whole last 15 minutes. The next day he told me he had a nightmare I was trying to kill him with a knife. We are all crazy here in Rio. Happy Halloween.

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