Friday, October 9, 2009

1 day left....

Well I survived was touch and go for a little bit. We just did things around town on wednesday, my final day. We went to see my Uncle Kenny in the hospital which was pretty sad. Him and my Aunt are getting up there in years. We went to My stepmother and fathers house for dinner. The beef and noodles were actually really good.

Thursday we just had breakfast and went to the airport. I felt pretty bad because my sister broke down crying as we said goodbye. I know this is pretty normal but my family doesn't show a lot of emotions so when they do it must be pretty strong. I know they feel sad because I am going so far away but unfortunately I feel this is best for me. I must get off topic though and say that my whole family is Republican which of course is against gay marriages. Maybe if we could get married here we would. But because of those conservatists bastards I have to leave the country to be married like a normal person. Ok, I got out my little political tirade.

The flight went well and I made it to Jenny and Nishas' apartment alright. Yeidy and Andrew came over and we had pizza and drank wine.

Today is Friday and I am going to the apartment all day to clean and organize. I received an email from Toni and things are good in Brazil. I will be with him in just a few days now.

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