Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 days left...( still in Ohio )

Last night was stressful. I helped my sister put her entertainment system together...which is made up of my big flat screen TV, my TIVO player and her DVD player. She didn't want to use her cable box so it took me hours to get it all working and we still had to use her cable box. My sister thinks she is the President of her own little country and seems to like to throw around orders. Well words were had and emotions went high. Anyway it was done, even though by I spent most of the rest of the night shut in my room doing Rossetta Stone.

Today we went to the Ohio wine country. We got to the first place kind of early. I am not use to drinking before noon. I tried 8 wines and they were pretty good. Actually afterwords I was feeling pretty good. We then went to two covered Bridges. I saw the largest covered bridge in Ohio. I am definitely glad i drank the wine first. We went to the second winery and had a cheese plate and another selection of house wines. This was also very good. Jamie drank grape juice but dad and Caroline ( stepmother ) drank also. Afterwords we went to see my stepsister, Heather, who lives in Cleveland with her husband and son. We ordered Pizza and it was good. After I went home to enjoy the one bottle of Pinto Noir that I had purchased before.

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