Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yesterday was sort of a long day because I was inside all day. In the evening we took the dogs out. Then in the evening we met Tonis friend Helena for dinner. Her daughter Antoina ( who picked me up at the airport ) and three of her sons were also there. We met in a little restaurant/club around lagoa ( the big lake ) in Ipanema. It is inside but the whole front and back is open giving you the feeling of an outdoor club. We drank wine and Red bull. They like Red Bull there a lot, drinking it alone or with whiskey. Live samba was playing and Toni danced with an older lady. We then all got into Taxis and went to another restaurant where we ate huge deep friend shrimps and pieces of steak. After this me and Toni were pretty drunk so we went home.

Saturday we got up and took the dogs out. Toni make eggs with pao ( bread ) for breakfast. We then watched cartoons for awhile. I normally get pretty tired after watching to much Brazilian television because i have to concentrate so hard to understand anything, Toni has English classes later today so I then helped him go over his lessons. Afterwords he started cooking. In about an hour Marcelo came with a client. We made the spare room into a beauty salon so they went in there. Toni made them all coffee. For lunch we had some steamed vegetable that I have never had before. With beans ( Fejones ) with white rice. Toni also made sausages with peppers and onions. The cable men then came to install are cables. Obviously I am very excited to have some English channels again.

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