Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday in Copacabana

Last night we stayed up a little late. Helena called and invited us to have drinks. We went to one of the same restaurants as we did on Friday. It is located on the coast of the lake ( Lagoa ). There were seven of us in all. Me and Toni drank Whiskey and red bull. We were served Empanadas and later a pasta with chicken dish.

We woke up to the phone and it was our new lawyer. She is going to send us an email about what we needed to do. She wasn't extremely encouraging. She said we had to prove that we are together for at least a year. That would mean that I won't be able to work for a year. She also said that I can only stay for 6 months. I could tell Toni was a little upset but its best to stay calm until we know what really is going to happen. Definitely living in South America is teaching me to live one day at a time.

Toni had a client in Copacabana beach so we walked the dogs quick and made breakfast ( cafe de manha ). I went with him and walked around the neighborhood. Copacabana to me seems like a much busier and bigger south beach. I had lunch at one of pay per kilo restaurants which are big in Rio. You go in and they give you a ticket. You take your plate and fill up and then they weigh it. You sit down and someone comes to take your drink order. I got some potatoes and chicken with a Empada ( a baby empanada that is round in shape ). Afterword you go to a cashier and pay and finally you give the receipt at the lady at the door so you can leave. I walked over to Ipanema beach and walked in the sand. I was alone so I couldn't go swimming so I turned around and got back to Copacabana just as Toni called. We ran some errands and then took a taxi back home. In order to get to Rio comprido you have to go around the lake at Lagoa and then pass through two tunnels. Unfortunaley a truck and broke down so there was a traffic jam. We got home and played video games. Tonis' friend, Claudia, Called and ended up dropping over for a coffee and Toni cut her hair. I think this is the first time in the past 9 days I haven't had a drink. It is only 1920 ( 720 pm, in Brazil they use military time) so who knows about later.

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