Monday, October 26, 2009

Third week in brazil.

Saturday we ended up meeting Tonis friend Helena and her crew. The restaurant was really beautiful. It was located in Botafago which is west of us and north of Copacabana. It was right on the water. We started with wine and then switched to whiskey and red bull. We had duck in orange sauce served with rice and mango. After dinner we returned to the sushi restaurant in Ipanema.

Sunday after a late start at home we finally went to the beach. It was hot and pretty crowded. We chose a location at the end of copacabana beach because the waves are a little less strong. We ordered beers from the sellers that walked by on the beach. I got into the ocean twice. It was freezing but still great. Toni told me that in the northeast the water is a lot warmer..but of course the waters are filled with sharks. Knowing this I know prefer the cold beaches. Toni is worries a lot so sometimes I take what he says with a grain of salt but when someone mentions sharks I tend to believe them.

After the beach we met up with Tonis' friends Jean Willis ( winner of Big Brother brasil season 5 ) and went to a drag show. It was in a theater a short walk north. It was somewhat entertaining but not the best since I missed a lot of the jokes. Plus the classic Brazilian songs are pretty well lost on me.

After the show we went and had dinner at Eclipse. It is located in Copacabana on Nossa senhora avenue. We ordered steak with potatoes for two.

Monday we got up late and took the dogs out. One more of my boxes arrived from New York so that was good. Me and Toni went to the supermercado ( supermarket ) and bought groceries for the week. It is always interesting to see what they have that's different. There is a lot of fruit from the amazon that I have never seen. There is a lot less variety though of boxed and canned items. Today we are staying home. Neither of us have anything to do so I am going to make Mexican for dinner. Tomorrow we have errands we have to do in Copacabana.

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