Monday, November 2, 2009


Saturday was Halloween in Rio. It is not to big of a deal here. I didn't see anyone dressed up in the streets or anything. We were invited to a birthday party for Marcelos sister, Pehna. It was in Mesquita so unfortunately we had to travel an hour and a half away. That afternoon Toni had to go to his English classes so afterwords we bought Beer at the supermarket and took a Taxi home. We quickly got dressed. I though we would wear normal clothes but Toni wanted to dress up. Since this was extremely last minute we just threw on some black slightly goth things that we could then say we were vampires. Lucia came over and the three of us took a taxi. The trip is a little expensive but we all wanted to drink and we did not want to spend the night. We got there in the evening and started drinking beer. Family members and neighbors came over. It was the usual loud samba and dance music. There was a lot of snack food. Everybody was very nice. I am starting to speak a little more but in a loud crowded party it can be a bit hard. Toni got upset because he though I was checking out this young neighbor. Leave it to Toni to be jealous of a boy from Mosquita. Around Three in the morning the Taxi came to pick us back up. I was pretty tired in the backseat so I just looked out the window most of the way home.

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