Monday, October 19, 2009

The cave / Churrasco

Saturday night we ended up going out after dinner. We started at this gay bar called La Cueva ( The Cave ) in Copacabana. Fittingly the place looked like the inside of a large yellow cave. The place was nice but the scene was a little older and bearish for my taste. The next place we went to was Galaria in Ipanema. There was a little bit of a line outside and inside was packed. I have been here a few times and really like it. The crowd is a lot younger and hipper and the music is much better. We had two more beers and a caipirinha. We were dancing on the side and watching the video monitors that played music videos.

We got home and the dogs, drago and Cacau had gotten out. We have a gate that keeps them in the kitchen. They can not be trusted alone, especially with the new sofa. Unfortunately Drago has eaten part of the door to get out. We are going to have to buy a new metal gate to keep them in the kitchen.

Sunday we got up late. We were going to Toni's brothers house to celebrate his brothers birthday, which was actually a week ago. We drove about an hour to get there. It is just outside the city. We stopped at a supermarket first to buy a bunch of meat. We also ended up buying some things we still needed for the apartment. When we arrived there the whole family was on the front porch. Toni's other brother was there with his wife and new daughter. We lite the fire for the barbecue and opened the first round of beer. Toni had to drive home though so he could only have non-alcoholic beer. The day passed in a lazy haze of beer and sausage, steak and chicken. Everyone sat on the porch and listened to popular Portuguese dance music. The children played ball in the front yard. The women gossiped and told stories. We left around 9pm and got home at 10pm. I had purchased a cable for the Playstation 3 my friend Andrew had given me so I connected it. We then ended up playing the video game Wolverine till 2am. All in all it was a pretty good day.

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