Saturday, October 10, 2009

The last day....

Today is my last day in New York for awhile. Last night everybody at work was sick so I went to the house of my co-worker and women department manager Brenda. She is married and has a little girl named bailey. We had Chinese food and it was really good. After dinner I drank wine and hung out with Brenda. I also played with Bailey. She heard I was going away so she put on traveling clothing and was wheeling around her suit case. Later, we met two of my coworkers, Amanda and Raymond, for drinks. I got home around 11pm and Jenny and Nisha were in bed but still awake. I had one last beer and went to sleep. Today I have to finish up at my apartment. I brought most everything here with me yesterday so there is just a few little things to take care of. Tonight some people are coming here for dinner. Then tomorrow my flight leaves at 10 am. It might be a few days until I am blogging again but the next time I am it will be from Brazil. Everything I have been working for is here. It's time to say goodbye to New York and all my New York friends and Hello to Brazil

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