Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rio Comprido

Yesterday morning the phone rang early. A young man from Ponto Frio was here to put together are furniture. The young man was pretty cool and was able to put everything together in 2 or 3 hours. Watching him I could see it would have been horrible for us to do. Once everything was together we were finally able to arrange everything.

After being in Rio Comprido for three weeks I don't think it is as dangerous as Toni says. Its not terrible exciting either. Basically there is the one main street that goes to the main plaza. It takes me about 10 minutes or less to get to the plaza. At the plaza is a park surrounded by stores. There are two supermarkets, a video store ( Yes they still have them here ) a hardware store, a gift store and Bobs hamburgers ( which is there version of McDonald's even though they have lots of McDonald's here too ). After making this claim I have to tell you me and Toni witnessed our first crime today. We were walking to the plaza to go to the hardware store when two men come running down the street ( Rua ) at full tilt. The first guy was really skinny in baggy shirt and pants and the second guy was young and dressed like a student. He was yelling Solta bolsa! ( drop the bag ). The man was caring something and as he went a few more feet he did drop a purse. The man continued running after his though. Toni saw that the man was rummaging through the purse as he ran so he dropped it after removing the wallet. A few older men on the street picked up the purse. A few minutes later the young man returned and took the purse. A few minutes after that we reached the Plaza and I notice everyone was milling about watching something. We walked over to the Hardware store which was closed and Toni pointed out the Federal police walking the thief down the street. His pants had come down so he was walking in his underwear. Even though I am not happy to notice the first crime in my neighborhood but at least the police got him. Since we were at the plaza anyway we went to the supermarket and bought 2 more 12 packs of beer.

When we returned we cleaned the house. Toni's' friend Luzia was visiting. She was the lady we had dinner with the first week I was here. She brought two bottle of wine that is always a good thing. Toni served a spicy cheese we had bought earlier. We not only opened both bottles of wine but two bottles Toni had. We talked, well they talked and I mostly listened, for about 4 hours. Luzia is a dentist. She is a nice older lady with blond hair. I had made Tacos for Toni the other day but he did not like them because they were to spicy. I made one for her though and she loved it. Mexican food doesn't seem as popular here as in the United States. We called a Taxi for her and she left.

This morning Toni woke up late. I got up and watched Smallville and two and a half men on the Warner channel. My main channels here are Warner channel, Sony, FX, Universal channel, TNT and FOX. For the most part all the TV shows are in English with Portuguese subtitles. Movies being the exception, they are mostly dubbed. I do miss my TIVO dearly though...hopefully they will discover DVRs here soon.

This morning it was raining again. Toni does not have to work. I am going a little crazy staying in the apartment so much. We are going to Copacabana tomorrow because Toni's' client Aparacida needs her make-up done. Today we will probably work on the apartment. The owners' driver is suppose to come and pick up somethings she still has here. Hopefully everything will be finished soon. Until then I think I will start looking at ways to make money online. Anyone have any ideas?

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