Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Fever.

I have been in Brazil for a week now. The city is crazy with World cup fever. The matches are playing all the time on TV. Friday the 25th Brazil played against Portugal. We invited some people over but only a neighbor from across the street was able to come. Both teams played well and no goals were made. We ended up pretty much drinking all day though.

Saturday evening we went to a birthday party for the sister of Rita Ribera. Rita is a pretty popular singer here....check her out on You Tube sometime. We drank a lot this night too. There was also a chef making dishes from the Northeast. I had a bowl with rice and a thick yellow soup with shrimp. A miracle has happened and I actually am understanding a lot more of what people are saying. Maybe the three months away from Brazil let my brain absorb some things. The party was the usual cast of characters. A lot of people were smoking pot in the back room ( not that I had any ). We got home pretty late that night.

Sunday we woke up late and got ready for the next big game. Toni's friend samuel invited us to a churrasco at his apartment a block away from Copacabana beach. We went to the supermarket and got beer and Cachasa right when It was closing. A lot of businesses and supermarket close for the Brazilian matches because EVERYONE is watching the game. There was about fifteen of us watching the game. The match began at about 3:30pm. Everyone dresses in Brazilian colors for the game. You will also see lots of flags and green and yellow decorations all over the place during world cup. Toni made us Caiparinhas and I had three and then switched to beer. Brazil won by three goals over Chile. Every time they scored everyone jumped, danced and screamed. During half time we played dance music and danced the whole time.

After the game we strayed and went to Le Boy bar with samuel. They had Karaoke night and Toni sang one song. We had just a few beers. At around 11pm we left for home. The next time we went to Copacabana to get our papers ready for immigration. We made copies of a lot of our documents and had to pay to get my visa and entry card copied and then legalized with a notary stamp. Tomorrow we are going to the Federal Police at the airport to see if we can go ahead and apply for my visa. If we can we will apply...or at least see what I am lacking. We are both kind of nervous because I don't have many days left on my tourist visa.

Friday is Brazil's next games. England beat Portugal today by one goal. Hopefully my visa paperwork will be done and I will be able to enjoy the game.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to Rio...

I made it to Rio ok. I left Sunday morning bright and early. I was a little hung over because I went to dinner and then drinks with Andrew and Yeidy. The fligth was 10 hours and landed directly in Rio. I saw about 4 filmes but none of them were that great. Toni met me at the airport. I had to buy a playstaion 3 for Jinata, our landlady, who was so excited she was waiting for us at home. We took a taxi because Toni had been drinking beer while he was waiting.

After some unpacking me and Toni had dinner. Toni had made a large whole baked chicken with potatoes. We also had rice and beans. We then had some whiskeys and red bulls. We stayed up talking and I played one of the video games I brought.

The next day we woke up late and had lunch. We then went into Copacabana to run errands. Toni had to get a lease that we need for our paperwork legalized at the office of Registry. We also had to drop off my FBI document to the transaltor who is friends with Toni's friend Romulado. We then went to visit Apracida. I had bought a bottle of Pablo Picasso perfume for her at duty free. I met her husband for the first. After our visit it was getting late so we went home and made dinner and watched a horror movie that I had brought from america. It was touristas and is about a doctor who kidnappes toursists and robs their organs. Toni likes horror movies and I figured he would enjoy the Northeast brazilian setting.

The next day we woke up and in the afternoon a lady came to sign us up for a health plan. Medical treatment is free in Brazil..but if you want better care without waiting in lines forever it is a good idea to get a health plan. Also we need it as one of our requirements for my visa. Entering the country I was given 16 days to arrange total to apply for my visa. We are both kind of nervous to get eveything done but we are getting closer to having everything done.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The last day....( again )

Today is my last day in New York ...well again. I said all my Good byes before...but here I am doing it again. I lived at Jenny and Nishas for 2 months so I am sure they are ready to have there spare room back. I enjoyed working at Etro again. The new people were really great...Zack and Jr. And it was great working with Brenda, John, Jacob and Vanessa again. It was really great getting a paycheck again. But it is time to leave.

Toni has obviously been anxious for my return. My short couple weeks trip turned into three months. I have my FBI document so I just need to get in translate in Brazil. We have to get my health insurance and then hopefully we can apply for my permanent visa.

My flight is at 10am in the morning tomorrow on TAM. It is a direct flight and I will arrive in RIO around 9 at night. Toni will be waiting for me. I hope to begin blogging a little more regularly then.

I had some good times with my friends Tony, Yeidy and Andrew. I look forward to seeing them in Brazil or when I visit New York again. Good bye New york....I love you!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

17 days left....

Time is starting to get a little quicker. I have 17 days left until I return to Brazil. I have my document. I have had it legalized by the Brazilian consulate. I have been going out with friends. I went out to dinner with Tony and his boyfriend Chris one night. I went to see a DJ with my friend from work, Jacob. Me and Yeidy saw Prince of Persia last night. I have purchased more video games. I also got some make-up and underwear for Toni and Guilherme.

The 9th of June is Yeidys birthday so I am happy I can share that with her. She was over Saturday while the girls were out and we drank two bottles of wine and sang Abba karaoke on playstation 3.

Toni is patient but he is very glad I am coming. I work full time up until the day I leave. We started our annual sale so that has made things go by a little quicker. If feels strange to leave my life here in New York to get accustomed to a life in Brazil...only to return here and get used to my old life again.