Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Where to start.....

I left New York city early Sunday morning. Nisha woke me up and called the taxi. I said good bye to the girls, Nisha, Jenny and Yeidy who was sleeping on the couch. I had mixed feeling as I drove through Brooklyn to the airport. I think I will be a little confused for awhile. I love NYC so I am not sure if I will ever be used to not being there.

The wait at the TAM check in counter was a nightmare. Both of my 70 pound suitcases went through ok but the lady gave me a hard time about my carry on. I quickly had to shuffle somethings around. The flight left on time and I spent the next 10 hours watching The Proposal, The Hangover, Adventurland and Chocolate. The girl next to me was cool. Her name was Maria and she just spent the past month studying English for business. I have to say I was getting cold feet a little bit on the flight. I know that sounds a little crazy since I was truly past the point of no return. But i had 10 hours to think of how I got to this point and what could happen next.

Finally at 1030 pm I landed in Rio. I collected everything and met Toni and his two friends at the arrival area. They of course were at the bar drinking. It was of course more amazing to see him again. It is strange how short and how long 4 months can be. Sometimes it feels like I haven't seen him in forever and sometimes if feels like I never left. We drove for 20 minutes and arrived at our apartment in Rio Comprido. His friends came in and we all drank and had dinner. Toni had cooked Rice with Chicken and mushrooms in a tomatoes sauce. After they left, me and Toni went through the photos I had brought and drank more beer. We got to bed late and slept in each others arms.

The next day we drove to Mesquita for the holiday of the children ( Dia das Crancas ). Mesquita is 90 minutes away. Tonis business partner, Marcelo, rents a house there with his husband, Marco. We stopped at the super market to buy 4 cases of beer and a lot of meat. We were having a Churrasco ( Brazilian Barbecue ). We then went to Marcos' sisters' house. We the started drinking beer and cooking the meat. She has two children who filled up an inflatable pool. We spent all day drinking and eating and we got crazier as the night progressed. Pretty soon we were dancing in the front gated in area. In Rio a lot of houses are totally surrounded by walls for security. Toni started getting really drunk. At some point we switched to Caparinhas. I also started playing my ipod through the stereo. We drove back to Marcelos house late that night and went to sleep.

In the morning I woke up late with Toni on a blow up mattress. I had a pretty bad headache. We made coffee and eggs with bread for breakfast. We then drove back to Rio Comprido. Marcelo came with us because two clients are coming for a hair appointment. Tomorrow we have to see a doctor friend of Tonis' because I need a certification that my skin is good before I can use the pool in the Condo. Toni says we are also going to look for our rings and after we can go the the beach. I have only been here one full day and a lot of things have happened. We still have a lot of things to do though. We need to buy things for the apartment too. I like the apartment a lot but we do have a lot to organize and buy still. I am here though and after all this time me and Toni our finally together.

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