Saturday, October 3, 2009

8 Days left...( Lost in Ohio )

Last night went as good as possible. Me and dad brought everything down in a few hours. Jamie says people were eyeing my goods so she had to give them her best mean look. We got some angry beeps at us when we hooked up the trailer to the truck. Jamie yelled at a few pedestrians that wouldn't get out of our way. It took us about an hour and a half to get out of the city. It was a Friday night and rush hour so it took forever to get across the two bridges.

We drove about an hour and had dinner at Arbys. I love the roast beef sandwiches so I was happy. We found a Days Inn in the Poconos mountains right past the Pennsylvania border. I slept pretty good even though both Jamie and dad snore pretty loud. Thank god for sleeping pills.

The next morning we dined on there Continental breakfast and started driving for the last six hours. We stopped in the afternoon at Perkins. I have never eaten there before. It was the normal family restaurant menu. Jamie and dad were thrilled though that they got the best country fried steak that they had ever eaten. With are stomachs full we reached my sister house in Apple Creek and unloaded everything with the help of my uncle Dave. Afterwords we went to visit my Aunt Sue and her grown children Julie and Nichole. We stayed for awhile and talked and then went to Walmart. We did some late night food shopping, well for me it was actually buying wine and beer. At home we were both exhausted so we went to bed early. Jamie's house is pretty full so it is going to take some reorganizing to make everything fit.

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