Friday, October 16, 2009

the furniture arrrives

I have no idea what today is. In fact yesterday I was confused too. With no calander and the fact I am not working I have totally lost count. I heard from my friend Yeidy today that they had the first snow fall of the year in New York. That makes me feel a little better about my sunburned legs.

Today I made Toni breakfast in bed. That seemed to make him happy. He could not figure out how to turn on the stove though so I couldn't make eggs. It turns out there is a gas valve in the back of the stove. I looked for one but couldn't see it. Instead of eggs Toni got a Paezinho ( a Brazilian bread roll ) with cheese and prosciutto. A cup of coffee and a glass of yogurt. After breakfast i took my shower and the phone rang. It was Punto Frio and our furniture was here. The sofa were easy to get ready...unfortunately the TV stand and the dresser for our shoes was in kits to put together. I thought we were suppose to put it together ourselves so I opened the one box. Toni then told me we are suppose to wait for a man from the store to come do it. That wouldn't be a problem but of course the kit was missing three piece. Now its my fault and Toni says when the man comes we will probably have to give him a bribe so he will call the store and send another kit. This is my second example of how things get done here. Instead of just getting our furniture it seems it has become a mission and will probably not be done till the end of next week. The TV works OK though and Toni ordered cable today. We ate leftover pasta and chicken for lunch. I am not sure what we are doing tonight. Well it looks like a nice day outside. I am starting to feel a little shut in that I can't go out. Toni said Rio Comprido isn't really that safe for me to just go walking around. I guess I will go watch Brazilian cartoons with Toni.

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