Saturday, November 14, 2009

tres meninas do brasil

Yesterday we got up early and went to the airport. My return ticket to New York is for Sunday. We talked to a Tam representative on the phone yesterday who said we could get a credit. We went to the regional airport which is smaller and closer to us because it is located in Flamengo. We found the right counter. Then we waited ...and waited...and waited. There was only five people in front of us...but only a couple representatives that took around 20 minutes per client. We finaly got there. I wasn't expecting much. As I figured there was a $120 fee and taxes were not subject to returns. The total credit for future air travel was $150 us or $256 reais. The bad part is that it could only be used at the TAM counter. I have looked online and the TAM prices are considerable higher if you don't go thru a travel website.

When we were done we rushed to Copacabana. Toni was late to work with Aparcida. I walked around Copa. When I met Toni and we went to some payment center to take care of his bills. We then had a beer on the beach. I had brought my swimsuit so I stayed and swan while Toni left for an hour to go to his English school. Toni took all my things since it is not safe to leave them on the beach. I was having a good time until some American swam up and started talking to me. He was nice at first. He was Portuguese but grew up in Florida and lived 13 years in Boston. Then he told me his family had lost all their money in the realty market. He came down here and lived in Sao Paulo for a year and a half. He then came to Rio and lost his documents in a youth hostel. Now he was homeless and living on the beach and wanted me to buy him a burger. Unfortunately for him I did not have any money. I made an excuse and left. It was around time so I waited for Toni who was half an hour late. Luckily I was on the beach and had nothing so nobody bothered me. When Toni did show up we went to the Supermarket. We took a Taxi home which took forever for the traffic.

Toni had been invited to a concert by his friend Rita Ribeiro. She had done a samba CD with two other singers, Jussara Silveira and Teresa Cristina. It was a large hall with little round tables with four chairs each. We sat with two women. We had not had time to have dinner so we ordered a chicken platter and 10 beers. The concert was two hours. We stared drinking. Toni is a fan so he sang all the words along with the music. The concert was very nice. Of course I was a little tipsytowards the end. After the concert we went backstage and bought a CD that all three singers signed. Of course they all had trouble spelling my name. Afterwords we met Jean and his friends. We went to a bar nearby but it was too crowded so me and Toni ended up just going home. After so much beers I was ready to go to sleep.

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