Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quem sou eu.

I have been writing this blog for a couple weeks now. I have been keeping it pretty light. It still seems like I am on vacation. It's been almost a month though and the vacation part is starting to come to an end. I have started falling into some routines. I get up early before Toni and start breakfest. I am getting use to not working even though strangly enough I do miss it. I miss the gym, even though I hate the gym. There are somethings here that are great and somethings I miss about New York. The bad part is that even when you aren't in New York you see it on TV a lot. I am constantly reminded of the cityby a gossip girl episode oryLaw and Order. New york is great. Rio is great too.

I am strangle getting use to being with someone in such close proximity. Keep in mind that I have never dated anyone seriously. Not been in any serious relationships in years. Now I am married and with Toni pretty much all the time. It seems to be working out good. He is still very happy I am here. He is patient and kind. He likes to take care of me. We are still very much in the honeymoon part of the relationship though.

I have to say I am slowly getting use to the intimacy of us. I am kind of a prude, Ohio upbringing. Toni pretty much walks around the apartment in silk boxers and leaves the bathroom door open when he goes to the bathroom. I guess this all part of marriage..hum?

We stayed in the house all day and cleaned. Hear that all you people that think this is one big vacation. Toni has to work early in Barra de Tajuca tomorrow. He is coming back in the afternoon. The women that owns are apartment has invited us to the beach with her. I guess we are going. Marcelo and marco are coming over Saturday to spend time with us. We all will probably all go to the beach Sunday. I do love the beach. It does make everything better.


  1. Hey Kyle! Wow you sound sooo far away!! I miss you already and wish you were here so we could go see Paranormal Activity in the theater - I know how you and Yeidy enjoy scaring the pants off of me! Well, it sounds like you're adjusting well to Brazil and marriage ... both really big changes i must say. I have been trying as well to adjust to motherhood and it's really hard but also the most wonderful experience of my life. Well, i'm back at work today after my maternity leave and am pretty sad to be without my little one but we all have to adjust to changes i guess .... I miss you boo hope to hear from you soon and I wish you and Toni all the happiness in the world!! xoxo ...

  2. Thank you for the comment and thank you for following my blog. I am going thru a lot of changes...but obviously you are too. I hope you much happiness in motherhood. I have been seeing the pictures on Facebook...she is so cute. I miss Yeidy so you two better come visit soon. We have a guest room. Well take care of yourself!