Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A month in Brasil.

Well the 11th was a full month that I have been in Brasil. The 15th was my return trip that of course I traded in for a credit. I have accomplished a lot in some ways but have not accomplished much in others. I am here. Me and Toni do seem to be getting along great. Even though everything of course is not perfect it is going very smoothly. We are still very close. I spend more time with him then with anyone.

In other respects we still have a lot to do for me to stay in this country and get a visa. I also still have a long time to go before I can work. Of course I am worried about when my New York apartment will sell. I have to be careful with money here which isn't easy when you are in a relationship.

Sunday we got back and it was hot. I wanted to use the pool but couldn't. Toni promised me to go to the beach Monday. It was a little overcast but i made him take me anyway. He went to visit Helena for an hour while I went to the beach. He then met me there. The ocean was surprisingly nice. The waves were small and the water was warm. Afterwords I paid a dollar to take a warm shower and change. We went to a restaurant that had a buffet for $13 reais. Afterwords we went to the cinema to see 2012. It wasn't a great movie but It was so nice to see any movie. It was in English with subtitles. Toni got a little emotional because the movie shows a lot of death and destruction. It also shows the Cristo statue crumbling. The cariocas love there Cristo statue. Sitting here for those two hours I felt like I could be in the USA. I like that they have assigned seats but It is a little annoying when 20 minutes into the movie someone is sitting in some old ladies seat and the usher has to come and fix it.

After the movie we went home. We haven't drunk it a few days which is new for us. We still ended up staying up till 2am playing video games. In the morning we had to wake up early when Tonis' client called. We rushed around making breakfast and cleaning the house. The client was only here for an hour though. Toni has another client in the evening so we cleaned and watched TV during the day. I wanted to swim but the pool was still closed. Outside was sunny but a little windy. I am staying home tonight but I think I will want to drink.

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