Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot days in Brasil

The other day we were planning on going to the beach but then the lady that runs the condo called and said we could finally use the Pool. The condo is at the bottom of a hill. Right behind is two levels of parking. The pool sits on the third level and then above the pool is a fenced in soccer field. We walked up to the pool. It's a pretty large square pool with a separate children's area. There is a young pool guy who is in charge of the pool. The pool is open 9am to 5pm everyday but Sundays. The only thing is like I've said you need an authoriztion card so any would be vistors that come to stay with us will not be able to use it. There were a few other neighbors there. This seems like probably were we will get to know our neighbors.

Friday and Saturday Marco and Marcelo were coming to stay with us. Marco and Marcelo are Toni's old roommates and Marcelo is his hair cutting partner. We went to Copacabana Friday during the day. We finally applied for my CDF at a post office. We had gone to a bank twice to apply so It was funny that in the end all we had to do was go wait in line at the post office. Also the lawyer had said it would cost $250 but at the post office we only paid $5.50. Afterwords we did some more errands and then walked to the beach. After the beach we went to some stores and finaly bought a Air Conditioner and a fan. The past night had been really hot so this was a necessity. When we got home we had to rush because we were all going to dinner with Helena. We changed quickly and then went to Bate-papo. Helena had surgery the next day so she only drank one glass of wine and water. Me and Toni started drinking pretty strongly with Caparinhas and then two whiskey and red bulls. The night was a little shorter then normal so we went to Ipanema to a restaurant and had a little food and beer.

Marco had to work at home, in Mesquita, the next day. The three of us went to Copacabana and met Helena, Daughter of Antonia. We all went to the beach. We have been going to the southern end of the beach where the waves are a little less strong. Unfortunately there is also more garbage too. Toni had to leave at 4pm for his 3 hours English class. Helena left also. Me and Marcelo stayed at the beach for awhile and then we walked up the beach boardwalk. The boardwalk is a pretty active place. There are a lot of little resturants as well was venders selling everything from draft beer, Churros, popcorn, corn on the cob and hot dogs. There are also men selling beach towels, shirts, hats, towls and hand crafts. The sidewalk is pretty wide and there is also a lane for people to run, ride bicycles or skates. We met Toni after class and went to the supermarket for more beer and food. That evening we had drinks with cheese. crackers and some other light snacks. Luezia came over too. We watched all our videos ...Vaneessa da Mata, Tribalistas, Whitney Houston ( Toni's choice not mine ) and Madonna ( My choice not Toni's )

Sunday We all went to the beach again. It had been hot the last few days so the beach was the best place to be. We all went into the water a lot. At first we were at Arpoador. The beach was smaller but packed. Marco and Marcelo went to the water. Me and Toni were sitting there when all of the sudden a wave of people came running from the direction of the water. People were yelling and running like crazy. I thought there must be like a tidal wave or a shark sighting. Toni and me grabbed our stuff and ran to the boardwalk. Some tourists came up to me for an explanation but I had no Idea. Some people said it was a Bariga, which means belly in Portuguese. Toni then explained it is also slang for street fight. Marcel and Marco came up to us and we walked down to the gay area of the beach in Ipanema. At least the gays never have street fights. More people came to join us during the day. Andres and his family who were relatives of Marcelo. Jean Willis, Toni's friend, showed up with two of his friends. Me and Toni had fun in the water. Since the area was gay we could hug and kiss and not worry about strange looks. After the beach we walked to Copacabana and went to one of the restaurant on Atlantic avenue. We ordered Churrasco for all of us. When we got home I was exhausted. I was also sun burnt on my shoulder. I happily went to bed early.

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