Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A bite in the hand

Toni slept in till noon today. I got up around 10 and watched tv. This has become my habit since Toni seems to need more sleep and I like the quality time watching tv and petting the dogs. When Toni got up he made us cheeseburgers for breakfest. After we took the dogs out and got ready to leave. We decided to run errans in Copacabana. First we went to the bank. I have been trying to get my CPF. A few days ago a lady said that Toni just needed something with a proof of his address. After talking to two people we found out that this was not the case. We would have to call our lawyer later in the week. Next we went to a doctor to have our skin checked out so we can use the condos' pool. We had wanted Toni's' friend to do it but it never panned out. This took about a second for him to look us over. Ask our names. Finally print out a paper. Next we went to Loja American because i only had t-shirts and I was getting the feeling some tank tops might come in handy. I found three. Toni picked out some boxers. I found another swim suit. We then left and went to the supermarket. We were only going for beer and bread but ended up with a cart full of other things. We jumped in a taxi but headed toward Rio Comprido right at rush hour. It took us half and hour to get home. Toni gave the doctors papers to the condo lady and she said we could use the pool the next day. Hurray. Toni started to make dinner and I played Silent Hill on Playstation. One of Toni's' clients showed up and he did her hair. While I was sitting there playing I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I looked down and a bee had stung me. I had never had a bee come into a fourth floor apartment before. This had never happened in New York anyway. Toni helped me get the stinger out and poor alcohol. I then had to play with ice wrapped on my one hand. Toni had another client came. Well at least he is working.

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