Monday, November 23, 2009

5 things I have noticed about Brasil.

5 things that are different here in Brasil then the United States.

1 They love to pay in instalments. In all the electronic and furniture stores you can pay in installments or one time ( em vista ) Even for small items like a blender or fan both options are given.

2 It is very rude to slam car doors. Especially when taking a Taxi. They prefer you close it firmly but softly.

3 Men greet women with two kisses. One on the left cheek then on the right. Men give each other a firm handshake and if they are close a one handed hug.

4 They love to dance and sing. At any moment a group of people can start singing or dancing to any popular song.

5 They love futebol ( Soccer ) and when the favorite team makes a goal you can here the cheers all through the city.

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