Monday, November 2, 2009

Gay Pride Rio and All saints day.

Sunday was Gay Pride in Rio. Toni had to do some make-up so I was suppose to go with Marco and Marcelo. They canceled because they decided to do Churrasco in Mesquita instead. When Toni woke up Sunday he was really hung over from the night before. I made us breakfast and made him drink water and aspirin. We took a Taxi in the afternoon to Copacabana Palace, probably the most famous hotel in Rio. Toni left me to do the makeup. I walked to the parade which runs up Atlantic Avenue. This is the main street along the beach and usually any major parade goes along this route. Unfortunately it was a rainy day. Fortunately unlike New York alcohol is readily available ...from vendors selling beers to men walking around with bottles of whiskey selling shots. There is also a lot more skin with guys running around in just speedos. I walked around for awhile and then got bored. I bought 3 beers for 5 reais which is a pretty good deal. The crowd was in a good mood, even though the weather was bad, everyone was still pretty happy and drunk. I went to wait for Toni but he was late. The parade started which was really people dancing down the street and several large trucks with guys dancing on them. Finally Toni came around 2 hours late. He said he ended up doing 5 girls make-up instead of 1. We went over to Helena then because Antonias' daughter was going to a wedding and needed her hair done. That took about an hour then we went to a restaurant by the beach. There were still a lot of people out. Toni says usually there is a drag show on the beach. I was tired though and we didn't see one so we ended up going home. Well after a few beers anyway.

The next day was all saints day. We took a Taxi to a church and lite candles for all the dead souls. Afterwords we went to Ipanema beach. Since it was a holiday the beach was pretty packed. We went to the gay section so there were a lot of hot guys in speedos. Toni saw some friends and his friend, Whom we call Amy whinehouse, was there. We drank beers and talked. I went into the ocean a lot. It was a pretty hot day and the water felt great. It was still cold getting in but once you got used to it, it was great. There was a lot of other people in the water too. Toni came swimming with me which he had only done one other time last February. After the beach we had dinner in one of our favorite restaurants in Ipanema. Afterword we returned home. I was ready to wash off the sand and relax with Toni watching television.

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