Monday, November 9, 2009


Today we woke up a little late. Toni had a client coming in to do mega hair which is about a 5 hour process. It takes two people so his hair partner Marcelo came. It was his regular client, Claudia. Toni asked me to make lunch. I went down to the Mercado, supermarket, and got my cart. Everything was going pretty smooth until I went to pick my can of tomato sauce. The cans are different there. They are closed with air pressure so to open it you peel off a rubber stick off the top just comes off. Unfortunately I went to shake one to see if it was sauce or stewed tomatoes and the lid flew off making a huge mess of the whole wall, my cart and my feet. Not wanting to explain what happened in Portuguese I did the most naturally thing...i fled. I went to the nest aisle. Kind of tried to wipe my feet off. I had to ditch the cart and get a new one. I don't know why these things happened to me. The only saving grace is I was along...otherwise I am sure this would be a great story for Toni to tell his friends. The crazy American that made a mess of the supermarket. I paid and left as quickly as I could. At home I made the sauce and the spaghetti. I think it was a success but Toni might of only have been being nice to me.

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