Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mesquita 2

This weekend we went to Mesquita again. It was Jennifer's birthday. Toni is Jennifer's padrinho or godfather. Marcelo is her other godfather. Jennifer's mother use to be a lesbian but now she lives with Jennifer's father. I guess they don't have a lot of money because Toni and Marcelo were hosting her party. Jennifer is probably around 8 so the theme of the party was Barbie. We also bought her a beach barbie. Marcelo bought her ballet Barbie. Toni decided to drive. He was also going to be working during the day. Almohado, Toni's friend in Copacabana, was coming with us. He and his Aunt, who lives in Mesquita, were going to a wedding. Toni was doing her make up. We loaded everything in the car including the two dogs. We all drove there. We dropped everything off at Marcelos. We then went to Almohados Aunts house. It was in the afternoon and very hot. She served us cold beers and a baked cracker biscuit with cheese. Toni worked on her hair and makeup and I watched season 5 Project Runway. We finished around 5pm and I was a little tipsy. We went and picked up the cake and returned to Marcelos.

We then started decorating which consisted in hanging Barbie cutouts and blowing and hanging pink balloons. About 15 people showed up. Toni ended up being the DJ with my Ipod. Children's parties are pretty much the same as any party. The adults drink lots of beer and talk. There was a churrasco with lots of meat. Everyone stayed up past midnight. Unfortunately Jennifer's family got the blow up bed so me and Toni slept on the floor. We had a blanket but the floors are all tile and pretty hard.

In the morning we woke up and had coffee. Then shortly after we stared drinking beer again. They have a shower in the back patio so if it got to hot you could put on a bathing suet and take a quick shower. It was all pretty ghetto but effective. Luckily Toni decided we would go back after lunch. We ate fried fish and rice. We then drove back. Since it was so hot we decided to go to the beach. Toni's friends Rita Ribera and Jean Willis were already there. We went home and then took a taxi there. The water felt great. The waves were big but not as bad as they can get. I went in the water four times. I did get a little burned but it was my own fault for not sitting under a umbrella. It was late enough in the day I didn't think it would be bad. In the evening we went home because Toni has to work early Monday. He made chicken with pasta. I got an email from my sister and realized thanksgiving was in a week. Toni wants to get our Christmas tree next week. I can't believe the holidays are almost here.

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