Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tuesday night we got into a Taxi and went to visit our friend Guilherme. Guilherme is a make up artist. He has know Toni for awhile. He is short, pale skin with dark hair and eyes. He lives in Tijuco. It was a pretty active and urban area but a little far from Copacabana. His apartment was really nice though. It was on the corner of the fourth floor with two walls of windows facing the busy street. It had high ceiling and recessed lighting. The kitchen and bathroom were pretty modern and he has two large bedrooms. We talked for awhile and then walked to the metro. We were going to Copacabana to meet our other friend Jean Willis and then on to Le Boy bar.

Le Boy bar is usually Karaoke night but unfortunately there was a birthday party there. Toni wanted to stay and watch the drag show anyway. We stood in the back and ordered Whisky and Red bulls. Jean and Guilherme got bored and went next door to La Girl. The show was ok. There was a few songs in English. Of course one of the girls did THAT song from Dreamgirls. There was a cute guy that did a strip tease in the middle. He got totally naked and just kept his hand over his thing. After the show we went to La Girl which is by the same owner but is geared more to the lesbians, which you probably figured from the name. There was a lot of guys there so I guess it's pretty mixed. Guilherme and Jean were hanging out in the front by the bathrooms. Toni paid for 4 beers at the door. One of the things you find in South America is you pay for drinks in one place and then order them at the bar with the receipt. We went to the bar at the back and got our drinks. When we came back Guilherme was making out with a pretty hot guy. I guess these two are kind of players. We stayed for awhile and left around 2 am. We were driving in the direction towards home and I noticed two police cars and another car pulled over. Well our Taxi driver who I guess thought we were shady pulled over. Lucky us got to be checked for drugs. The one police man started putting his hands in my pockets. I really didn't care because obviously I was caring a brick of coke on me. Toni said they are only suppose to pat you down so he started arguing with them. The guy was pretty thorough. He checked my socks, in my boots and in my wallet. When we got inside Toni started complaining to the Taxi driver because we could have avoided the whole ordeal.

The next day Toni had to work in Copacabana. I went to and walked around for about three house. I walked up the beach and around to some shops. Toni called about 1:30 and I went to his clients house for lunch. It was rice with a chicken Burgundy sauce. For dessert a caramelized banana with ice cream. After lunch they finished the ladies hair and we took a bus back home.

That night we were watching TV. I was waiting for my TV show to be on at 11pm. It was Fringe on the Warner channel. Of course half and hour till me show all the lights go out. We looked outside and all the lights were out in the neighborhood. Toni called Marcelo and found out the lights were out in Mesquita two. We started drinking beer and playing Chess by candlelight. I beat Toni 3 out of 4 times but he did really good for a new player. At around 1am we went to bed. Thank god it was not too hot. At around 5 am the bedroom light came on. I woke Toni up and we checked everything.

In the morning I made breakfast for Toni. I made Coffee. I made breakfast sandwiches with egg, cheese and Ham. I served it on the traditional Portuguese roll. I also made toast and Jam.
After we ate we took a taxi to the main post office. We had discovered that my one box had arrived but they had opened it and decided that I needed to pay duty. We paid the $100 Reais and took everything home. At least nothing was broken and only one little item was missing.

Toni warmed up left over from the night before and we went to the pool. On the way there I noticed that if you look over from the parking lot you can see the Christ statue on the mountain. The pool was great. There was only a father and son there. I am practising swimming under water more. After watching Poseidon with Toni I have decided if I am ever in a sinking ship situation I better be able to hold my breath. Toni told me that the blackout had affected 18 states of Brazil. Two of them being all of Rio and Sao Paulo. I was glad it was over.


  1. hopefully Brazil will get the power grid together for the Olympics in a few years

  2. Yes I hope so. It was a major outage that effected 18 states. Rio and Sao Paulo were completely dark. But I was living in New York when they had the three day black out so I guess it can happend anywhere.