Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sabado e Domingo

Saturday we woke up late. I helped Toni study for his english test that afternoon. I ended up studing with him for 2 or 3 hours. Amy whinehouse called and invited us to his boyfriends birthday party. It was a churrasco on a roof top in Copacabana. We ended up rushing to take the dogs out and finding a cab. He took me to the party because it was only a couple blocks to his school. I sat with Amy and her friends. Her friends were nice but kind of the old gay troll set. One of the guys, julian, did speak english. His friend spoke broken english. They both kind of flirted with me as the night went on. I am married and they were pretty unattractive so it was a little uncomfortable. A lot of beer either made the situation better or worse. Tonis' class is three hours so I was pretty drunk by the time he came. I did find out that Amys' boyfriend actualy is not his boyfriend and in fact likes girls. It seems the whole relationship is in Amys' mind. Around midnight the party moved to the beach. There was a lot of beer so me and Toni grabbed two bags full of beer and ice. When we reached the beach we couldn't find anyone from the party so we took a taxi home instead. I put away the 12 beers we had obtained. We watched tv. I had one more beer then I was gone. Toni ended up staying late drinking 4 beers and playing video games.
Sunday I got up around 10am. Toni ended up sleeping till 2am. I watched the Big Bang theory and The new adventures of the old Christine on Warner channel. I then played my new favorite video game. Dead Space. When Toni got up we watched a little tv and then made plans to go out for lunch. Not what I would call a productive weekend but interesting.

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