Thursday, November 26, 2009


Novembre. This week has been hot. Monday we went back to Mesquita again. It was a birthday party for a friend of Toni's' family. He said it was a 70s party. I went online and showed him what the 70s meant in the us. We put on our best disco clothes. Paisley shirts with chains underneath. Tight pants that are loose at the bottom. Amy winehouse ( not his real name ) picked us up in his truck. We each grabbed a beer for the drive, except for Amy ( se voce beber nao dirigir ). Toni was of course wrong about the was the 50s. Thank god we didn't dress like hippies. It was a little surreal being at a Brazilian sock-hop. The food was good, and there was a lot of beer. We ended up staying till a little after 1am. As we headed towards Rio we were short on gas. Unfortunately this is not the united states so most of the gas stations were closed. We finally reached one and they were out of gas. As we were leaving some police pulled us over. The one policemen was polite but still....I am not use to being pulled over for doing nothing more then trying to get gas. Amy had left his drivers license expire so after 20 minutes and a passed 20 reais bill we were on our way. When we got home I was a little grumpy. Toni and me had a little argument and then to make matters were my camera was missing. I spent an hour looking for it ...and then finaly went to bed late into the morning. Tuesday Toni did not have work. I was still upset about the camera and he was upset with me. We went to the pool for awhile. Later he talked to Amy and she found my camera in her truck. Toni got over being angry with me and we made up. The next day Toni worked and Amy brought me my camera. After work we went to Rita Riberas' house. She was the samba singer we saw a couple weeks ago. She lives with her sister. She also has some daughters and a friend of her daughter that is visiting from France. Toni was sort of working too. He plucked all of there eyebrows. I drank beer and watched. Later Jean Willis came over too. After he wanted us to go to Galeria but Toni was tired. We ended up going home. I had another beer and a half and watched Desperate Housewives. The next day was Thanksgiving. Toni was suppose to work at 10 but we ended up waking up around noon. His work was in Barra de Tajuca which is like 45 minutes away. I made breakfast. Marcelo came over and they left. I tried to call my family but had no luck. I ended up going to the pool to spend my Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe I will try and have turkey for dinner but it is doubtful.

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