Sunday, January 3, 2010


So New Years Eve Marco and Marcelo came over in the afternoon. They ate and watched TV with Buyu for much of the afternoon. Toni came home after work in the early evening. I had drank one Caparinha and had switched to beer. Marco made us Whiskey and Red bulls while we got ready. I ended up wearing the white cotton short sleeve shirt Toni had bought for me and a pair of linen shorts. Toni wore his white shirt with Jeans. We took a taxi to Helena's house. She was on the outs with her motoristas ( the leaches that are after her money ). The house was all decorated and the dining room table was full of food. We all had beer at first while we talked. The Portuguese love to eat these Arabic deep fried chicken, cheese and beef balls. They are really tasty but I probably ate too many of them. Toni came down from the upstairs with Helena. I thought the party would be lots of old people but there was a lot of teenagers there. Buyu quickly made friends and disappeared. I was on my third whiskey and red bull when I notice it was almost midnight. We all went outside and walked the four blocks to the beach. The beach was full of people but we made it to the water right before midnight. Most people were wearing white and some had flower to put into the ocean. At midnight the fireworks went off. They lasted for a good 10 minutes and it was a pretty good display. I am a little bit tainted from the Macy's 4th of July fireworks in New York.
We had brought some beers with us but soon they were gone. We all headed back to Helena's house. We stayed for another hour or two and then went home.

The next day I felt pretty good. We woke up in the early afternoon and went to Mesquita. Toni had made friends with the Taxi driver the night before and he took us today. He even came in and had three beers with us. We paid him to pick us up in the evening. The day was the usual Churrasco /Mesquita day. Penha ( sister of Marcelo ) but the stereo speakers in the window. There was a Styrofoam cooler of beer and ice. The grill was started for the usual assortment of chicken, steak and sausages. Family and Friends came over. They had set up a three foot pool in the back patio. I didn't go at first but after about seven beers buyu convinced me to go. I then ended up staying there for about three hours. It was a somewhat hot day. Toni joined me after awhile. The fun ended around nine when the Taxi driver came. I was tired but about the time the taxi reached home I woke up. We saw a Pizza man on the way in which made us all hungry so we ordered a Pizza. We ended up drinking more beer and playing video games.

January 2nd we ended up going to the beach in the afternoon. Toni called Helena and her and her friend met us at Copacabana beach. We hadn't gone for awhile so I was ready for the ocean. Buyu had taken off with his friends so he was nowhere in sight. In the evening we went to Helena's but she wasn't feeling well. We ended up just going to the market and home.

Today Toni woke up late. When he did wake up he watched the Spanish movie Rudo y Cursi with me and Buyu. Toni did not like it because it does not have a very happy ending but I think it is pretty good. Well any movie with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna I think is pretty good. By the time Toni made lunch it was too late for the beach so we cleaned the house instead. Afterwords we went to Lagoa and walked around the lake. I finally got some pictures of the Christmas tree. We ate at an Italian restaurant on the lake. It was pretty good but kind of expensive. On our bill they charged each of us 4 dollars for the live singer. I though that was pretty strange. Toni complained and had it removed. After spaghetti with seafood and a four cheese Pizza the three of us went home.

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