Thursday, January 21, 2010

Me Rouba!

Yesterday I got a email from my friend at Etro. Am Ex had called the cashier there. Seta is a little crazy. If you ever shop in Etro in New York you will soon see what I mean. She is a rather plump women that is the cashier, even though she thinks she runs the store. I had done my best to keep my distance from her but I think that just drew her to me. Well it was nice the Brenda, the women's manager there, emailed me. I thought it was because I never use my Am Ex but I used it when Gol Airlines would not take my MasterCard. Today I went online and there was three charges in a city that is about an hour away from me. Someone used my number at a gas station, a restaurant and a drug store. They also tried to buy grocers with it but were turned down. I spent 20 minutes on the phone working things out with Am Ex. I am sure I will not have to pay but now I don't have a card. They sent it to my sister in Ohio.

Today I stayed home. Toni worked in Copa. It was kind of good because I was needing some time alone. I watched a movie in house. Went online and looked for Universities. I did not go to the pool because it has been so crowded with kids from the Condo playing Marco Polo that is hard to relax. Toni was cute. He calls because he misses me. I don't think he understand "Me" time. I don't think I will be able to explain it to him so it is best to say nothing. Tomorrow he works in Barra de Tijuca so I will probably go with him. We saw Sherlock Holmes on Monday but maybe there is something else I can see. They have the a great theater there. Well January is all most over and I think next month will be very busy!

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