Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy days and sundays.....

Well I have to say many ways this whole thing is discouraging. I have been here for almost four months. I am not married. I am not really too much closer to the visa then I was when I got here. I do have a lawyer and a CPF card. That is about it. We are looking for a University so I can get a student visa...and I need to get my medical insurance. There is a lot to do. Toni is not one for organization like I am. He spent most of today trying to log into globo so he can ask them for help. Globo is there TV station...maybe he wants to get us on a talk show. Maybe the Brazilian Oprah can get my visa.

This weekend was a blur of booze. Saturday night we stayed up late drinking. When we woke ups Sunday we went to Copacabana. I walked around and Toni did Helena's hair. Afterwords we all went to the Sushi place in Logoa. The food was good. I had shrimp. Cheese and meat empanands ( pastels ). Then steak with French fries. We also had wine and Caparinhas. We stayed up late again. Tomorrow we are going to get up early and try to get somethings acomplished. Afterwords we are going to the beach it is not all work. For now it is raining. Heavily. And Toni is watching from the windows. It rains a lot in Rio sometimes.

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