Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ipanema beach

Terca Feira ( Wednesday ) was really hot and sunny. We woke up around 11am. Toni wanted to make a complaint over Ponto Frio. They had just finaly delivered our drawer. If you remember, when we bought our entertainment stand three months ago there was three pieces missing. Now we are waiting for someone to come put the drawer together. That and Toni is still angry that they messed up our billing. I thought it was all taken care of but I guess not. We found the place in Ipanama where you can make complaints against companies but it was closed for the holidays. We also went to this college but they don't offer classes for foreigners.

We Finaly went to the beach. There is a large gay area. You can't miss it because there are gay pride flags everywhere. Ipanema is a great beach. The apartment that line the beach are a bit more Chic then Copacabana. The water is a little calmer and definitly cleaner then parts of Copacabana. It is also more expensive. The chairs and the umbrella were each a dollar were the beers which really adds up. It is nice that we can hug or kiss here in public. We spent the day drinking and swimming. Toni's friend Mauricio came over and hung out with us. There was lots of eye candy on the beach to watch.

Around 5pm we saw big black scary storm clouds approaching. We grabbed our stuff but only made it a few blocks before the rain. Instead of running to the subway we stopped at Toni's favorite restaurant. We shared steak with rice and french fries. We ended up taking the metro home.

The next day was Dia De Sao Sebastiao, the day that commemorates with a procession that carries the image of Sao Sebastiao from igreja de Sao Sebastiao in Tijuca to Catedral Metropolitana where the image is blessed in a special mass.

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