Thursday, January 14, 2010


Last night I had a nightmare. I returned back to New York but I did not have a house. Well I guess if I do return that would kind of be true. Not that the place was perfect. I liked my apartment and the space. The building and the Co-op board was not the best though. The building seemed to drift in and out of debt. The Co-op board was all over the place. Condos are probably the way to go but you have less options in New York. Anyway that was my nightmare. But I woke up and everything was better. Toni had a nightmare but he wouldn't say what it was. He says he forgot but I think it was probably about me leaving.

Anyway, the good news was when I went online the money was there. It was nice to see those nubers in black and white. I am pretty good and saving so I don't think I will be spending it like a rich man anytime soon. I did look at my Chase bank account and noticed I never received my past check. I know I must be kind of stupid for not checking before. Well I think maybe I am just a little true trusting of my work. I emailed the district manager and he found it. He went ahead and deposited it so that is also a nice little boost.

Toni went to Copacabana today to do Apracidas hair. I took the Metro two stops further to Ipanema. Normaly when I have gone to Ipanema it was to the beach or their gay street. This time I walked futher. It was cute. It was a little like Soho in New York because they had a lot of cute butiques. They had the main H Stern store ( and there is a H Stern Museum too!) I saw the Louis Vuitton store. I stopped and bought a little leather zip money bag from Gilson Martins. I also got a Passport cover for myself. If you ever go to Rio you have to go to the shop. When Madonna was here she went shopping there. It is modern little bags, purses, sunglasses cases. key rings and wallets in leather and patten leather. It has modern shapes of Cristo, Sugar load and the Lapa arches in all different colors. It also had a whole section of things with the Brazil flag. They also had large bags, backpacks and even jewelry. It is expensive but not too expensive. I ended up spending 58 reais ( around 30 dollars ). But the things are very Rio so they are perfect for souvenirs. The locals love the things as much as tourist too so you are still Chique ( chic ).

I met Toni and we took the subway home. We found that we can take the subway to the Estacio station and there is an express bus that stops outside our home. Toni had a client waiting for him. Marcelo was there too. Toni then had to go to class. I stayed at home with the dogs and watched the Vampire diaries. It has been in the 90s but tonight it finally rained. The cool wind was appreciated.

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