Monday, January 18, 2010

Le Boy

Sunday. We thought we were going to Santa Teresa but Jean Willis never called. We figured he was sleeping in. Helena called in the late afternoon. She felt better today so she wanted everyone to go out with her. We went to her apartment in Copacabana. I walked around for half and hour then went to her place. The whole group of us went in Taxis to her favorite Sushi restaurant in Lagoa. Me and Toni started drinking wine. The served pastels which are basically Spanish empanadas. I mentioned empadas, which are also similar to empanadas, but hey are small cooked pies. After most of the other people ordered crepes ( not the same as french crepes, they are kind of like pizzas ). After dinner we went to Le Boy bar. Jean Willis met us. He had gone to a Rita Ribera show. Me and Toni drank Whisky and red bulls. It was Karaoke night so Toni sang two or three songs. Jean also sang. I just drank.

Afterwords we went to Le Boy club which is next to Le boy bar. There is also a La Girl for all those lesbians out there. Le Boy Club is where we met. I haven't been there since that night. We acted out our meeting. Jean Willis disappeared to the bathrooms. His favorite meeting ground. There was a drag show at midnight. We danced. We drank. It all is kind of fuzzy now.

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