Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday Night.

Today we had planned to go to Mesquita for one of Marcelos brothers birthdays. It was a churrasco so it would be the usual day of beer and music. When we were almost out the door the phone rang and it was Helena. She wanted her hair and make-up done. She also was inviting us to go out with her tonight. Well, frankly, Toni could use the money so we changed our plans.

We went to the pool for a couple hours. It was great, not to many kids and the water was perfect. Toni then made pasta and ground beef for lunch. We then got ready and grabbed a taxi to Copacabana. Toni spent about 2 hours getting her ready. I spent the time in the living room listening to my I-pod and studying Portuguese. When he was finished her friends, the motoristas, came and picked us up and take us to her favorite sushi restaurant on the lake ( lagoa). We started with wine. The motoristas had chope (draft beer which is extremely popular here). We started eating with pastries ( pretty much a empanada ) with beef or shrimp. After the served this mix of steak and vegetables in a brown sauce. Last there were these tortas filled with beef, cheese and vegetables. It tasted a little like a pizza. Marcelo called a few times to see if we were still going but it was getting pretty late so we returned home. We ended up just playing games on PS3 until late.

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