Monday, January 4, 2010

Things I left behind....

My friend Brenda was asking me what I miss in New York. More specifically what foods.
Well the things I miss in New York is being able to safely go anywhere. There is crime in New York, of course, but it is definitely more present here. It doesn't help that Toni worries a lot and is not as quite as adventuras as me. The United States is a lot cleaner and everything is newer then in Rio. I have found that most third world countries are a little more ragged and worn down. Most of the building here need a good paint job. There are a lot of crumbling sidewalks and bumps in the street. After you live here awhile though you just get use to it. In peoples homes you see wires that are running along the walls... marks on the walls...other minor repairs. It isn't that the things here break down more then the USA...maybe they just take longer in getting around to fix things. We have lived in the apartment for three months and the management is just getting around to fixing a small hole in the kitchen the sometimes leaks water.

As far as food, New york has the best variety of ethnic food. In Rio they love Arabic and Sushi. I have also seen a few Italian and french restaurants. I have yet to find a good Indian, Chinese, Thai or Mexican resturant. I use to love the Indian food at Jackson Dinner in Jackson Heights, Queens. The Sag is unbelievable. I have said before that the Pizza here is good but so far I have only had Pizza with no tomato sauce. I am dying to go to Patsy's Pizza New York. The hamburgers here are also good. The bad thing is that they love Frozen burgers here. I am sure there must be a restaurant out here that have fresh ground beef burgers, but I haven't found it yet. Even when you go to a grocery store they have three different types of frozen burger but no ground beef. If you want ground beef you have to buy a steak and ask someone to grind it up for you.

There is a lot of food here that when or if I ever leave I am sure I will miss. I went to the Airport today to the federal Police station and extended my Visa for three months. I will not be able to extend it another time though so in three months I will have to go back to New York and get a student visa. I am also still waiting for my apartment sale to go through. Toni is still very much excited I am here. Every day is an adventure.

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