Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday Toni woke up around 2pm. We were going to the movies. Instead we stayed home and did nothing. I went online and bought our tickets to the Northeast of Brasil. We are flying to Salvador on February 18th. We stay for 5 days and then go to Recife. We stay there 4 days and then we go to Toni's hometown to stay with his parents for 4 days. We booked through Gol airlines which was not fun. It took me over an hour to find all the right flights but then it would not take my MasterCard. Toni called and they only accept MasterCard and Visa over the phone from people living in Brazil. They said if we wanted we could use my MasterCard if I went to there desk at the airport. I don't really understand why an airline would not accept credit cards from tourists....aren't they in the business of Tourism? Don't they want to encourage people to use there flights? They finally did accept my American Express. That card they do accept from foreigners over the phone. The flights are cheaper though then buying from an American company or travel website. For three flights for the both of us was $700.

After Toni was done speaking with our Gol representative we had dinner. He had made chicken in a broth with potatoes and peppers. We also had rice. Helena had called and asked Toni to do her make-up. She wanted to go to dinner and invited us too. We hurried up and got ready. On the way there I argued with Toni because I wasn't very happy that we had done nothing all day. When we got to Helena's we made up. We ended up going out to Bate-Papo with them..There was Antonia, Antonia's sister and niece and the motoristas came. Helena is midway through her Quimo therapy so she did not drink. Me and Toni had three bottles of wine and then a few Chopes ( draft beers ). I was a little hung over when I woke up Sunday. We ended up sleeping in and not doing much Sunday. This time I wasn't angry thought. I was pretty tired. I spent the afternoon looking for hotels. The trip is right after Carnival so February will be a busy month indeed.

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