Thursday, January 7, 2010

Slow days

The apartment still is not sold. The insurance is up on the building this month so the buyers bank wants to make sure the rates don't go up. I also paid three hundred dollars for my co-op interview that they waited a month to do. Now I am waiting for them to send the formal letter of approval. The sale is now about 5 months along. I can see why the real estate market and the economy is having problems. I thought I was selling a house in America not starting a new business in India.

It has been pretty warm here. Toni has not had as much work as usual which is bad and good. Good because we get to spend more time together and bad because the money would be good ( since he is now the only bread winner in the couple).

Yesterday we went to the pool for an hour. It was a little obnoxious because there was a lot of kids. Toni made lunch which was rice and beans and steak. We went to the supermarket, sendas, and picket up some things. It is about a 15 minute walk to the plaza where the supermarket is.

Today I am making our usual breakfast. Eggs with cheese. Served with Portuguese bread that is like a french roll. We also have Havanada which is a special bread they have for Christmas. It looks like a roll of italion bread that they then slice, soak in eggs, fry and coat in sugar and cinammon. It is basicaly what we consider french bread in the states. It is good but I am sure it is not helping me loose weight either.

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