Thursday, December 31, 2009

31 de Decembre

This week has been kind of a slow week. Christmas was a lot for me with Toni's family here for 3 days straight and then going to Mesquita the next day. I am not really learning to much Portuguese since I am not currently taking classes and I have been surrounded by Portuguese people. I am dying to speak english with someone. I haven't even had much of a chance to watch my american shows. We went shopping yesterday. Toni bought white shirts for me and him to wear to Revellon.

Last night Buyu ( real name is Andru, Toni's nephew, and I guess my nephew now ) came. He is staying with us for the holidays. Marcello and Marco arrive today. Last night I played PS3 with Buyu for 2 hours. We played Dead Space. Toni cleaned and made dinner. We had cows legs. It is better then is sounds. We also had rice and beans, of course. We then watched some of Ven Dancer. I forget the title in English but it is Antonia Banderas teaching dance to inner city youth. We went to bed realativly early.

When I woke up today it was raining which is not good for a huge beach party. First it rained for gay pride and now this! The interenet calls for rain tonight ( at a 60% chance ) so we will see. Tomorrow we are suppose to all go to Mesquita for a Churrasco. We will just have to wait to see for that too.

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