Thursday, September 17, 2009

24 days left.

So today was not very eventful. I did not sleep well...which happens sometime with everything that is going on in my life. I tried to sleep at 11:30 and ended up reading till 1 am. I left for work early because i had to go to the post office. I sold a few more things on ebay ( Prada coat $150 book $10 and Etro pillow $30 ) Work was slow and kind of long even though I did sell a suit and a sport jacket. Yes that's right...I work in sales at an Italian luxury fashion house. Suits are about $1800...shirts are $300 to $400 hundred. Pants are $400. Shoes are $700. You get the Idea. I also do visuals which mean I fight with big ugly mannequins that never do what I want.

Well I haven't talked to Toni today because he is having problems with his Internet. I did send him an email though.

Tonight I am not being very productive and am watching the 2 hour Greys Anatomy premier. Give me a break though because I will pack during commercials and I have to get a fix on all my shows before I disappear and watch only Globo ( Brazil's official network. )

Ok tchau

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