Monday, September 21, 2009

21 days left

Today is monday and I have the day off. Last night Peter from work came and picked up my living room book case, kitchen table and chairs and assorted other things. I felt depressed when the things were gone. It's one thing knowing your leaving and another seeing you house empty. I know its only going to get worse. I talked to tony last night. I told him I was say but there wasn't to much he could say. He just said how much he loves me and how great our new apartment will be. Him and his roommates had been having Churrasco all day. For those of you who don't know Churrasco is Brazilian barbecue. They cook all different kinds of meat and cut it into small bites and then they pass it around and everyone gets a bite. Moroca ( relative of his roommate Marcelo ) was super drunk. She dropped a glass and then stared crying. Toni says she isn't going to be invited to our place. I guess she has drinking issues.

Today I am going to try and make an appointment with the lawyer to go with Yeidy and fill out the power of attorney papers in case somethings come up while I'm gone. I also want to go to HSBC bank. Toni go his wolverine costume today. I am sure he will be happy. Brazilian people love costume parties ( don't ask me why ) O gente de brazil se gosta da festas fantasia...nao sei porque! OK that's it for today.

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