Wednesday, September 23, 2009

18 days left...

Today is my day off. I took some things over to my friend Andrews' place. He has a basement storage area so I left some things I can pick up when I come back in November. I bought my ticket ....I am leaving on Sunday, October 11th. I paid $759 which was a little more then I wanted ( It may seem cheap but a month ago Tam had a special for $495 ) At least it is a direct flight both ways. I put as a return date as the 15th of November but that was just an educated guess. I had a nice lunch with Andrew and I also gave him some pots and pans.

Tonight I am going to give Toni the good news that I got the ticket.

Time seems to be going quicker now and I think I will be there before I know it...I only have to work 5 more days. Well that's it for now. Tudo bem.

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