Saturday, September 19, 2009

22 days left...

I know these posting are a little boring. I am hoping when I get to Rio they are a bit more exciting. But this way you get a point of reference to my life before. Well last night I did talk to Toni. His camera did not work..but he had a micro phone. He could see me though. I understood some of what he said but not a lot. Maybe my Rossetta Stone is working as good as I hoped. I think I am going to be a little confused for awhile when I get there.
We had a meeting today at work that was ok. It was kind of busy..I got Spanish food on the way home at my new favorite local Spanish restaurant, Mi Arte Culinario. I had roast pork with yellow rice and beans.
Tonight I have a video date with Toni at 9pm. I got a bottle of wine so I will drink a little too. I do have to work tomorrow so that will be the extent of it. Once again my blog is a little boring now but closer to the time I leave things should be interesting.
I sold some things on ebay today...not much. I am a little afraid that no one is bidding on my might end up on the sidewalk to garage day...I hope not!

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