Friday, September 25, 2009

16 days left...

I am told by my only reader now that my spelling is atrocious. The only thing I can say is I feel let down by spell check...and I wasn't raised this way. I am an avid reader and enjoy words. Unfortunately as my mind learns more Spanish and Portuguese it begins to forget the English, this is my though anyway. Either that or I am slowly incorporating my other grammar rules into English. Eventually this blog will be in Portuguese. Even then my American friends will not be happy. Se Deus quere...

Tonight I saw my last Broadway play with my friend Yeidy. It was called Memphis and it played at the Shubert theater. It was good but I did not love it. It was about music and race relations. I think Hairspray tackled the same ideas in a better way.

People at work are throwing me a party the Friday before I leave. That's nice....go ETRO !. Yes the store I work at is ETRO and hopefully I get paid for this endorsement. Or at least they donate clothes for my wedding.

Well I have to wake up early tomorrow for an early work meeting. Only three days of work left so i wouldn't want to ruin my perfect attendance record. Well each days goes quicker...sigh.


  1. you can't start writing your blog in portuguese how are we supposed to keep an eye on you??? better be in english mister or you're getting one tight slap sent to you from new york.

  2. nao te creo pode aprender portugues tambem. te ajudo...ta?