Monday, September 28, 2009

14 days left....

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary to when me and Toni met. That's right...last year at this time I was at Rio on my first trip. Now I am planning on going there for good. Today I worked all day. Some of my work friends are reading this we will not be to detailed....( John and Brenda ) We will just say I worked very hard today.

A lady contacted me about buying my Murphy bed on Thursday. I hope it works out. I also have some man coming to see my sofa tomorrow. We will see if anything comes of that.

Tomorrow my main goals are to go to my new bank, HSBC, and try and set up a new IRA account to transfer my 401K when i leave my job Wednesday. I have to cancel two credit cards and will probably throw out more things. Oh and my friend Nisha is suppose to stop buy and pick of a few kitchen items, even thought there is not much left.

My house is looking more empty and more sad every night. Toni says I will love the new apartment. I really hope he is right.

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