Friday, September 18, 2009

23 days left

Today is Friday. I worked today. I brought some more things to work and now a couple people are coming to my house to see if there is anything they want to buy. I still have the big things to sell...the Murphy bed, the sofa and the regular queen size bed. I put the Murphy bed and the sofa on ebay but there prices aren't too high yet.

Toni is still have trouble with his computer. He sent an email though. He saw an apartment that is Otimo...which means is a little high 2200 reais. ( 1100 us dollars....basically all the prices are half in dollars ) He also saw a place in Barra for 1500 reais. I am still hoping we get a place in Copacabana but I will be happy either way. I hope he finds a place soon!

Tonight i just had Chinese food and now I am going to the gym. I think I will take my photo albums in because not everyone saw them. Everyday is a day close...I can't really believe it. I probably won't really accept it until my apartment is empty and I am on the plane. I think it is probably better to take it one day at a time.

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