Monday, December 7, 2009

Desfile de gays no Mesquita.

Sunday we were attending the first annual gay pride parade in Mesquita. We got up around noon and got everything ready. Since Toni was definitely drinking we were driving and taking the dogs with us. That way we could spent the night at Marcelos and Marcos house. We got there and no one was there to let us in. Toni jumped over the gate. The house itself was open. In Rio most all building have a gate of some kind guarding the building from the street. In Mesquita most houses had a court yard in the front that is protected by a wall. Marco did finally come when we were about to leave. There was a big party for the local soccer team in the town square. Everywhere people were dressed in Flamengo colors of red and black. All the bars were filled with guys drinking beer watching the game. We met everyone and started drinking beers. After a little over an hour Toni had to go to the bathroom so we walked back home. We also were hungry we had some rice and beans. The parade was starting soon and it was going right down Marcelo's street. We all walked down about seven blocks to where it was starting. The parade was basically four really big trucks with a lot of drag queens and go go boys. We continued drinking. The parade started and we walked down the street with everyone. The parade stopped outside of Marcelos house where there was a big stage. Everyone was drinking and eating Churrasco. I started with a sausage on a stick and then also had chicken and steak. We walked through the crowds several time. It was actually like gay pride anywhere in the world. Drag queens, guys with out shirts and Madonna and Brittany playing. There was lots of venders selling beer which is different then dry New York. Me and Toni ended up passing out around 4am. The next morning I had a pretty bad headache. Marco gave me some medicine and I finally felt better. Since we had the car we decided to go to the Supermarcado before we went home. Marco came with us. We got a cart full of food. Plus two bottle of wine, vodka and a bottle of casacha to make Caparinhas. We then loaded up the car and left.

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