Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Natal

Well this is been my first Christmas in Rio. On the 23rd Toni's' brother came with his wife and three kids. The wife immediately started cooking with Toni. We had gone to the supermarket in the morning and bought a lot of food again. I tried to entertain the kids with Uno, a chess set and my Nintendo DS. Out of the three kids two are teenagers so they are easy to hang out with. The other brother is younger and more of a pest. He is two young for the games but wants to play so it is a little difficult. Me and Toni started drinking beer the first day but for Christmas eve switched to whiskey. Me and the kids still had to go to the supermarket a few times for assorted things. The supermarket on the day before Christmas was a mad house.

On Christmas eve Toni's' other brother visited with his wife and child. We had a big dinner with a turkey and a chicken. There was a lot of music and dancing. Feliz Natal to everybody!

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