Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After...

Well Christmas is over. Me and Toni drank to much vodka last night while playing Uno with the kids. Me and Toni got into a little bit of a fight. Three days with two families and two dogs and a lot of drinking has taken a slight tole on my nerves. This morning the two families packed up there things and left. I know Toni was happy to spend the time with them.

His friends Helena has started therapy for her stomach cancer. He usually spends the holidays at her house. Unfortunately some money hungry Drivers ( motoristas ) have been hanging around her hoping to get some money. This has also driven a wedge between Helena and her daughter. Since she has been sick she has also gotten stranger so Toni is spending less time with her.

Today the weather is in the 90s. We both are tired and a little hung over so we are staying in. I talked to my friend Yeidy in New York. There it is freezing cold. Pretty soon 2009 will be at an end.

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