Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost Christmas.

Yesterday was windy so we couldn't go to the beach. Instead we went to the pool for a couple hours. In the evening we went to the sambadomo ( the samba stadium ) to see the samba schools practise. Toni says that they will practise their parade every weekend until Carnival. All the people aren't there because a lot of foreigners come the week before and march in it. There are no costumes but everyone is wearing the T-shirts of their schools. There is a pretty full percussion section playing the schools samba. There are a few people in costume, but not many. There are a few trucks that drive where the floats will be. Even though it is only a rehearsal the grandstands are still full on spectators. I was standing along the parade route on the ground. I managed to get a water mug from Beija-flor. They also gave away programs with lyrics to all the new songs. Outside the grandstand was the usual stalls of beer sellers, hot dog vendors and churrasco vendors. I got the sausage I like and Toni got steak on a stick.
The next day was pretty warm so I made Toni take me to the beach. We haven't been in a couple weeks. The water was cold but enjoyable. We got seats with an umbrella. We also had about three beers each. Around 5pm we went to the Roxy theater to see Avator. If you ever go to Copacabana and want to see a movie the Roxy is a good choice. It is a historic building. It only has three screens but they are pretty good sized. You choose the seats you want when you buy the tickets. I got us two large cokes and popcorn ( Pipoca ) for 15 Reis. The movie was really good. The special effects were amazing. I could appreciate the theme of a man coming to a strange planet and falling in love with the indigenous people. After the movie we went Christmas shopping. The other day we had gone to a grocery store and bought a lot of the food we need. This time we went to some stores ( Lojas ) to buy presents. We went to Citycool to get some clothes for Toni's brothers family. He has some younger nephews and neices so we went to Loja Americana and got some toys ( Brincados ). We also got some other last minute things. What would Christmas be without a CD of Samba Christmas carols?

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