Friday, December 4, 2009

Chuvia no sexta ( Rain on Friday )

Last night our friend Luecia came over. We open wine and put on a Brazilian video of samba and bassa nova singers. Toni made sliced sausages and cheese for a snack. I don't know how long we stayed up but there was 4 empty wine bottles and we went through 4 videos ...the last one being of last years carnival. Toni call Luecia a taxi.
Friday Toni got up before me and got ready for his client. She arrived with Marcelo while I was still in bed. Around 11 I got up and made breakfast for myself. It was raining. No beach or pool for me. The dogs were also unhappy because there was no walk outside today. Toni went to Copacabana to do Apracidas hair. He also had a English test. Afterwords he was doing dreds for this singer, Dylon Filipe. It was a pretty slow day for me. I watched some tv and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing Playstation 3. Chris, and old friend from NY but who is married in lives in Germany, called in the afternoon. It was nice to talk to him. It was very nice to speak English again. Afterwords I studied Portuguese. I really need to sell my apartment so I have money to get a tutor.

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