Monday, December 14, 2009

Last week

Last week was a slow week. Toni worked most of the time. It also rained a lot. I spent most of the week home with the dogs. Kakao has had an eye infection. About four months ago she had trouble with her liver and almost died. Unfortunately she went blind in one eye. Because she doesn't blink or close her eye she is prone to infections. Monday we took her to the veterinarian. It was a small office off the Plaza de Rio Comprido. The doctor prescribed two different pills and three different eye drops. She only gets the pills once a day but the eye drops are given every four hours. I was hoping it would go away but it has been a week now. Her eye has swelled and it needs to be cleaned out daily.

Saturday we took the car and visited Tonis' father and his family. There was also another relative and his family. We had churrasco. Me and Toni also picked up three six packs. When we got there we started drinking of course. You probably think I am an alcoholic by now but when you are in a situation where you are the only American surrounded by foreign speaking people a little alcohol does not hurt. We drank a lot. Of course Toni took over the stereo and we listen to a lot of Vanessa de Mata. I went to bed before Toni and took a sleeping pill and an Aspirin. I was sharing a large bed with my Tonis nephew. It was a little hot because the town they live in his pretty far from the ocean. In land it is pretty warm.

We woke up late the next morning and drove back. The dogs were of course pretty upset that we left them alone all night. Toni had to go to Copacabana to do Helenias' hair. I was tired and stayed home. His two hours of work turned into all day. Rita Ribera called and wanted her make up done that night. I had nothing to eat so in the late afternoon I walked to the super marked in the plaza. During the week the plaza is pretty busy but on Sunday it is pretty dead. The supermarket was closing so I just grabbed some hot dogs ( Cachorros quente ) and bread ( pao ) for breakfast. I also got some soda ( Refrigerente ) and Ice cream ( Servete ). I got strawberry ( Morango ) because Toni is alergic to choclate. I got home and started ate. The I took the dogs for a walk because they were going crazy. When Toni got home we ate again. He had bought some things for the house. I watched The Mentaslist and Gossip girl on Warner Chanel. Afterwords Toni wanted to watch Flightplane ( Plano de Voo ) on Globo.

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